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Council Leader highlights latest achievements and updates in Harrow

In a recent message to Harrow residents via the Council’s MyHarrow newsletter, Cllr Paul Osborn acknowledged the achievements of local honourees and provided updates on key developments within the borough.

“With the change in date came good news for three local people, whose work was recognised in His Majesty’s New Year’s Honours,” said Cllr Osborn. He congratulated Dr. Meenakshi Nagpaul of Honeypot Medical Centre, Sandra Calderbank of Belmont Community Association, and Dr. Darrell Carmel Desouza of Harrow College for being awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for their notable services.

Concerning road upgrades in Harrow, Cllr Osborn mentioned, “We filled 1,300 potholes last winter and have invested a further £240,000 to combat them this year.” He also shared his experience attending a local trial of new equipment designed to address road damage caused by winter weather.


Providing updates on financial matters, Cllr Osborn shared, “The council has successfully pursued a substantial recovery of the money lost in a highly-publicised highway fraud in 2021. £1.4 million was paid out against our insurance claim just before Christmas.” He highlighted ongoing collaboration with the police on this matter and commended the anti-fraud team’s efforts.

Council Leader highlights latest achievements and updates in Harrow Harrow Online

Cllr Osborn noted the council’s commitment to protecting public assets: “This financial year we’ve so far taken back council homes from seven tenants where fraud, such as subletting, was suspected. This saved the tax-payer more than £650,000.”

On the subject of the draft budget, he stated, “In Harrow, thanks to careful financial management, we’ve been able to propose a balanced budget that safeguards the services you rightfully expect.” He encouraged residents to participate in the ongoing budget consultation to have their say on the proposals.

Expressing condolences, Cllr Osborn shared, “I was very saddened this week to learn of the death of former Mayor, John Nickolay, who passed away on Tuesday.” He offered his sympathies to John’s family and reflected on John’s long-standing service to the community.

In closing, Cllr Osborn acknowledged the upcoming Thai Pongal festival for the Tamil community: “The coming days are an important time for our Tamil community, as preparations get underway to mark Thai Pongal – an ancient harvest festival.”

He added, “To all our residents observing, I’d like to wish a very happy Thai Pongal.”

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