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Full list of primary schools in Brent with the best possible Ofsted rating

As next week’s deadline for primary school applications looms,the Local Democracy Reporting Service takes a look at all of the primary schools in Brent that have received the best possible Ofsted rating.

Figures from the education watchdog show seven of the 79 primary schools in the borough received the celebrated top rank of “outstanding” – but many have not been inspected for years.

Ofsted has four grades to explain a school’s performance following a visit. They rank from outstanding – which is the best mark – to good, requires improvement and inadequate. Inspectors look at the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes of pupils at a school to give a ranking.


They also look at how schools foster personal development and also assess their leadership and management. Here is a list of the seven Brent primary schools to get an outstanding rating, according to Ofsted reports:

Mitchell Brook Primary School: Last Inspection: November 2021

Mitchell Brook Primary School on Bridge Road was originally rated as outstanding following a full inspection in November of 2015. A follow inspection of just the school found ‘no change’ in this judgement.

The report describes it as a ‘happy school’ where pupils learn and play well together in a safe environment. Teachers are said to have ‘high aspirations’ for their students and provide a range of activities to ‘bring their learning to life’.

The report states: “Most parents value the support that pupils receive. They speak highly of the school and say that it is well regarded in the local area. One parent commented, ‘The staff are amazing and very committed to the well-being and education of all the children.’”

Full list of primary schools in Brent with the best possible Ofsted rating Harrow Online
East Lane Primary School. East Lane Primary School in Wembley. Image Credit: Google Maps. Permission to use with all LDRS partners

East Lane Primary School: Last Inspection: January 2020

Pupils at East Lane Primary in Wembley were said to be ‘very proud’ to attend the school. They told inspectors that the school ‘prepares them well for secondary school and beyond’.

Pupils behaviour is described as ‘excellent’, being both polite and well-mannered.  Teachers make sure to provide pupils with work that is ‘both demanding and interesting’.

The report states: “Parents and carers told us how much they appreciate the work of leaders and staff, particularly the care that their children receive. They are also impressed by the wealth of knowledge that their children gain. They understand that this is due to teachers’ high expectations and strong subject knowledge.”

St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School: Last Inspection: November 2019

St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School on Goodson Road in Willesden was originally awarded the outstanding rating following an inspection in February 2013. A follow up visit in November 2019 reaffirmed this.

The school is described as being ‘lively and energetic’, with pupils ‘achieving highly in their academic and personal skills’. Their behaviour and attitudes ‘are exemplary’, and are ‘keen to meet the school’s high aspirations’.

The original inspection report states: “ All staff have extremely high expectations of their pupils. Relationships are excellent. This creates a strong learning environment. It gives pupils the confidence to contribute ideas and participate effectively in lessons, helping them to make excellent progress.”

Full list of primary schools in Brent with the best possible Ofsted rating Harrow Online
St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School. St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School, Kingsbury. Image Credit: Google Maps.

St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School: Last Inspection: July 2019

Located on Slough Lane in Kingsbury, St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School provides ‘highly effective teaching’, with the latest Ofsted report describing staff as ‘uncompromising’ in their determination to improve students’ learning.

Inspectors said pupils’ behaviour is outstanding and they rise to the expectations set out by their teachers.The learning environment is designed to ensure that children ‘have the best possible start to school life’.

The report states: “ The school is a caring, nurturing and happy place to be, because leaders and staff have cultivated an ethos of mutual respect and tolerance that permeates all aspects of pupils’ experiences.”

Wykeham Primary School: Last Inspection: March 2015

Wykeham Primary School on Aboyne Road was awarded its outstanding rating following an inspection in March 2015, it has not received a visit from Ofsted since then. The school is described as a place where students can achieve highly.

Pupils were said to have excellent attitudes to learning, as well as ‘a maturity beyond their years’. Inspectors found the teaching to be of a very high quality that can ‘capture the imagination’ of the students.

The report states: “ Teaching over time is very well planned and very well delivered. As a result pupils’ levels of attainment are very high. Workbooks show that over time pupils make rapid progress.”

Mount Stewart Junior School: Last Inspection: November 2012

The junior school on Mount Stewart Avenue in Kenton hasn’t had a visit from Ofsted since November 2012, where it was awarded an outstanding rating. Inspectors called it a ‘harmonious and cohesive’ community where students do extremely well.

Pupils were said to enjoy being at school, feel safe, and take advantage of the many opportunities given to them through various clubs and visits.  The quality of the teaching means pupils ‘make outstanding progress in reading, writing and mathematics’.

The report states: “Pupils quickly develop excellent learning habits so that no time is wasted in lessons. They have very positive attitudes towards learning and show enthusiasm and a high degree of concentration when learning.”

Byron Court Primary School: Last Inspection: March 2012

Byron Court Primary on Spencer Road in Wembley hasn’t been paid a visit by Ofsted for more than a decade. Following an inspection in April 2012, inspectors praised the school for its ‘remarkable improvement’ and rated it as outstanding.

Inspectors said the award was based on the high quality of the teaching, the pupils’ exemplary behaviour and their very positive attitudes to learning. The curriculum was described as ‘rich and vibrant’ and designed to further the pupils’ development.

The report states: “The pupils’ outstanding behaviour, their consideration and respect for others, and their ability to work as part of a team help to generate a very harmonious and purposeful environment for their development. They are highly motivated and determined to be successful.”

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