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Affinity Water warns Harrow residents of potential pipe bursts due to freezing conditions

With weather expected to get even colder next week, and temperatures expected to plummet, Harrow residents are urged to listen to crucial advice from Affinity Water: prepare your homes for the cold snap’s potential plumbing havoc.

The UK’s largest water-only supplier cautions that neglecting simple checks could result in costly pipe bursts and property damage.

Affinity Water said: “Any sudden drop in temperature could cause damage to your pipes and property if households aren’t prepared. We’re aware that customers are particularly vulnerable as they may not be heating their homes to save on energy costs.


“We appreciate that the cost of living is causing an impact, but it is important that customers carry out our checks, lag their pipes and visit our website for advice to help save them in the long run.”

The key lies in insulation. Lagging exposed pipes in lofts and gardens with felt, wrap, or other materials shields them from freezing temperatures. Insulating your cold-water tank and outdoor taps is equally crucial. Additionally, locate and test your stop tap to ensure swift water shutoff if needed.


For those facing extended absences, turning off the water supply altogether remains an option. However, for occupied homes, maintaining some level of warmth is key. Leaving central heating on a low setting overnight or during short trips prevents potentially disastrous thaws and refreezes.

Here’s a handy checklist for winterproofing your home:

  • Insulate Exposed Pipes: Invest in lagging materials and protect outdoor fixtures.
  • Protect Tanks and Taps: Ensure your cold-water tank and outdoor taps are insulated.
  • Locate and Test Stop Tap: Know its location and confirm it functions smoothly.
  • Maintain Low Heating: Set your central heating on a frost protection setting for extra safeguard.
  • Turn Off Water Before Extended Absence: Consider this option for extended trips.
  • Check on Vulnerable Neighbours: Offer assistance to those who might lack resources for proper preparation.

Affinity Water also encourages residents to register for their free Priority Services Register. This programme ensures vulnerable individuals receive additional support during supply disruptions, a welcome safety net during harsh weather. Find out more here.


Remember, a few proactive steps now can spare you significant headaches and costs later.

Don’t let frozen pipes be a chilling surprise: winterize your Harrow home and enjoy the season with peace of mind.

For further information and resources, visit Affinity Water’s website: https://www.affinitywater.co.uk/

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