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Council’s traffic reduction plan may lead to more yellow lines and longer commutes in Brent

A North London council has tabled plans to stop drivers using shortcuts through five residential roads but the changes could mean more double yellow lines and it taking longer for people living in the area to get home.

Brent Council has started a public consultation on the scheme designed to make the roads safer and cut pollution. The measures include installing cameras, one way streets and ‘no entry’ signs, which the council hopes will provide ‘cleaner air and safer, quieter streets’.

Initially to be rolled out as an 18-month trial, the plan aims to stop drivers using the Dyne Road area as a cut through by making changes at five locations – Dyne Road, Plympton Road, Torbay Road, Buckley Road, and Burton Road.

A council document detailing the plan emphasises that the roads will still be accessible to residents at all times but stressed that the changes could mean it ‘may take longer to reach [their] house’. As part of the scheme, 12 parking bays will also be removed from across the five roads, which will be replaced by double yellow lines.

Dubbed the ‘Kilburn Healthy Neighbourhood’ project, it proposes installing cameras on Dyne Road, ‘no entry’ signs on Plympton Road, Torbay Road and Buckley Avenue, and one-way streets with cycling lanes on Buckley Road and Burton Road.

The council suggests these new measures will address the cut-through problem, as well as reducing the issue of speeding mopeds and motorbikes in the area. It is also hoped that it will reduce noise and air pollution, road danger and the overall volume of traffic.

Depending on the outcome of the consultation process, which runs until February 2, the trial will start from spring of this year. At the end of the trial period, a further decision would be made on whether to make the scheme permanent, make changes to it or to scrap it entirely.

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