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How will two significant new developments affect Harrow Town Centre?

It’s no secret that Harrow Town Centre has faced significant challenges in recent years. The closure of key establishments like Debenhams, and subsequently The Landmark, a successor that also shut its doors due to dwindling business, painted a stark picture of a declining high street.

These closures not only marked the end of an era but also highlighted the pressing need for revitalisation and innovation in the area. The recent news of a proposed Premier Inn hotel and the transformation of the Debenhams Car Park into a creative hub represent glimmers of hope. These developments promise to inject new life and economic vigour into the town centre, potentially reversing the trend.

The introduction of the Premier Inn into Harrow Town Centre is set to have a significant impact on the local economy. As a well-established hospitality brand, Premier Inn brings with it the promise of new employment opportunities, with approximately 40 new permanent positions expected to be created. This influx of jobs is a boon for local residents, offering diverse roles in the hospitality sector. The presence of the hotel is likely to spur increased visitor spending.


Its strategic location near Wembley Stadium further positions it as a key player in attracting tourism and business travel, potentially leading to a ripple effect of economic benefits across Harrow. Guests staying at the hotel will naturally explore local shops, dine in nearby restaurants, and partake in entertainment offerings, thereby injecting much-needed revenue into the area.

Additionally, the hotel’s facilities are tailored to cater to a wide range of visitors, including both tourists and business travelers. This versatility is key in increasing the diversity and volume of visitors to Harrow, making the town a more attractive destination for various types of travel. Beyond serving its guests, the hotel’s proposed amenities, such as a restaurant, bar, and 24-hour services, present an opportunity to become local attractions in their own right.

Such facilities can draw in not only hotel guests but also local residents, fostering a more vibrant and engaged community atmosphere. The integration of these services within the town center is a strategic move to increase footfall and overall engagement in the area, contributing to the revitalisation of Harrow Town Centre’s economic landscape.

While the economic benefits of the new Premier Inn are evident, the project is not without its challenges, particularly concerning its scale and aesthetics, as well as the impact on the local community. The proposed 12-storey structure has sparked concerns among residents about its integration into the town’s landscape. The key lies in ensuring that the design of the hotel is sympathetic to the existing environment.

It’s crucial that the developers consider the visual impact of such a tall structure, striving to mitigate its presence on the skyline and ensuring it harmoniously blends with Harrow’s architectural character. Thoughtful architectural design can help in maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the area while introducing this new development.

The concerns raised by the community, particularly regarding the loss of light and privacy, highlight the importance of sensitive planning and design. Addressing these issues requires a collaborative approach, where transparent communication and active involvement of the community in the planning process are essential.

In addition to the development of the Premier Inn, Harrow Town Centre is set to witness another transformation with the redevelopment of part of Greenhill Car Park (the former Debenhams Car Park area). This project represents a dynamic shift in the use of urban space, aiming to create a hub for startups and creatives. The initiative, unanimously approved by Harrow’s councillors, is a bold step towards revitalising a previously underutilised part of the town centre.

The redevelopment will offer a range of facilities, including gallery space, flexible retail units, and affordable workspaces specifically designed for creative enterprises. This approach not only caters to the needs of local entrepreneurs and artists but also promises to bring a fresh and innovative vibe to the area.

The significance of this extends beyond just providing physical space. It shows a commitment to creatives and entrepreneurial spirit within Harrow. The inclusion of community and event spaces, along with multiple micro gallery areas, indicates a forward-thinking approach to urban renewal. These spaces are expected to act as catalysts for local talent, providing platforms for exposure and interaction that were previously lacking.

Funded by the Department for Levelling Up’s Future High Street Fund, this project is a part of a broader scheme to rejuvenate high streets and town centres post-pandemic. The innovative use of shipping containers for rent as part of the hub’s design reflects a flexible and modern approach to urban development. The site will be secured nightly once operational, ensuring safety and sustainability of the project.

This too, however, was not without its contention. One of the worries highlighted by members of the Harrow Online Group was the potential loss of parking spaces due to the development. However, the council has reassured the community that the impact on parking will be minimal, with only seven spaces being repurposed for the project.

Another point of contention is the choice of location. Some residents have suggested that the former Debenhams building itself would have been a more suitable site for the new venture, instead of utilising part of the existing car park area.

Despite their challenges, these developments have the potential to bring about positive change, marked by economic growth, cultural enrichment, and community engagement. With careful planning, transparent communication, and a commitment to addressing community concerns, Harrow could be set for a brighter, more dynamic future, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

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