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Doctor at Northwick Park Hospital awarded MBE for innovative contribution to people with disabilities

Local doctor Muhayman Jamil, known for his role in palliative care at Northwick Park Hospital, has recently received an MBE for his remarkable contribution to people with disabilities.

Dr. Jamil’s passion for speed skating has led him to establish “Wheels and Wheelchairs,” a unique initiative that allows individuals with limited mobility to participate in sports and experience the thrill of speed.

Every Saturday, in Battersea Park, a group of enthusiasts gathers to partake in two-hour sessions, pushing specially converted wheelchairs equipped with a third stabilising wheel. Dr. Jamil, a former speed skater himself, described the experience as exhilarating, noting the sense of freedom it brings to wheelchair users. “We zip around the park at a fair speed which is great fun. You can’t beat that buzz you get when you whizz past pedestrians, runners, and even the occasional cyclist,” he said.

The inspiration for Wheels and Wheelchairs came when Dr. Jamil was asked to help plan a route for a group of French skaters and wheelchair users traveling from Paris to London for the 2012 Paralympics. “The skating community looks out for one another, so a group of us traveled with them to London. It was a real adventure, and when we got to the capital, someone suggested we start a similar group in the UK,” he added.

The organisation’s first participant was a young man who was paralysed from the neck down and spent most of his days in front of the TV. After his first experience with Wheels and Wheelchairs, he surprised everyone by expressing how good it felt to “feel the wind on my face again.” This heartwarming moment marked the beginning of an initiative that now involves up to 100 skaters and wheelchair users actively participating in weekend activities.

Although Dr. Jamil was once an avid ice skater in his youth, he rekindled his love for skating later in life when a rollerblader whizzed past him while he was running in Hyde Park in Central London. He noted that skating on concrete is more challenging than ice but is equally thrilling, making it a joy to share with others.

When asked if he plans to attend the Buckingham Palace ceremony to receive his MBE on skates, Dr. Jamil chuckled, “It’s a nice thought, but I don’t think they’d let me in!”

For more information about Wheels and Wheelchairs, visit their website at www.wheelsandwheelchairs.co.uk.