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Librarians in Hertfordshire increasingly asking, ‘Where’s Wally?

‘WHERE’S Wally?’ . . .It’s a question that’s been posed by many a parent and child for generations. . .  But now it seems it’s increasingly being asked by Hertfordshire librarians too.

That’s because as well as being amongst the most popular books to be loaned out by the county’s libraries, the ‘Where’s Wally?’ titles are among those most likely not to be returned on time.

According to latest available library data, there are almost 200 copies of books from the ‘Where’s Wally?’ series that have been loaned out – but have not yet been returned.

That includes 54 copies of ‘Where’s Wally?: in Hollywood’, 53 copies of ‘Where’s Wally now?’ and 50 copies of ‘Where’s Wally?: the wonder book’.

Then there’s a further 34 copies of ‘Where’s Wally?’ and 32 copies of ‘Where’s Wally? a fantastic journey’.

In each of the ‘search and find’ books Wally – dressed in his iconic red and white striped shirt and hat – is hidden in a series of intricate and crowded scenes.

And now families are being reminded that if they need longer to complete the search for the iconic character they can renew the loan on their books – rather than the books becoming overdue.

“Our libraries are loved by residents across the county, and ‘Where’s Wally’ is a particular favourite of younger book lovers as they try to find the colourful character across the pages,” said a spokesperson for the county council.

“Library users are reminded that there is no charge for renewing books that are due to be returned  and it’s really easy to do – meaning that you can continue to enjoy books at your own pace, but also avoid any fines for failing to return them on time.”

Overall the county coucil’s network of 46 libraries continue to see the number of annual visitors increase – loaning around five million items a year.