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Harrow’s weather forecast for the next three days

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be glad the cold weather seems to have reached its peak for now at least. With that in mind, here’s the weather for Harrow over the next few days,

Harrow's weather forecast for the next three days Harrow Online

Today, Tuesday 23 Jan

  • Condition: Drizzle and Windy
  • Max Temperature: 13.16°C
  • Min Temperature: 6.05°C
  • Wind Speed: Up to 32.47 km/h
  • Precipitation Chance: 79%
  • Humidity: High

Wednesday, 24 Jan

  • Condition: Mostly Cloudy
  • Max Temperature: 10.82°C
  • Min Temperature: 6.53°C
  • Wind Speed: Up to 12.38 km/h
  • Precipitation Chance: 0%
  • Humidity: Moderate

Thursday, 24 Jan

  • Condition: Drizzle
  • Max Temperature: 11.91°C
  • Min Temperature: 7.04°C
  • Wind Speed: Up to 21.81 km/h
  • Precipitation Chance: 48%
  • Humidity: High

For today, it’s advisable to wear a waterproof jacket or carry an umbrella due to drizzle and windy conditions. In the next couple of days, the weather will be mostly cloudy but with less chance of rain.


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