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Hertfordshire DI sent an “avalanche of abusive messages” to woman, says police chief

A Hertfordshire DI sent an “avalanche of abusive messages” to a woman, a police chief has said.

Former Detective Inspector 1229 Phillip Moss, who has served in the police for 28 years, cannot serve again after an accelerated misconduct hearing on December 13 last year.

A report published in January reveals 365 pages of messages were put to the hearing, “nearly all of which are challenging”. Ex-DI Moss described the victim – his partner at the time, who is identified as Miss A – as a “s**g” and “w***e” in front of her daughter.


Chief Constable Charlie Hall, who wrote the report, said Mr Moss had “cause to be angry” after Miss A was unfaithful to him. But he added: “I have no doubt that anyone receiving such persistent and continuous abuse from someone they loved would have found this harmful to them.”

DI Moss sent the messages between July 30 and October 11, 2019. The report reads: “Former DI Moss has clearly sent a very large volume of messages, a great many of which contain abusive, offensive, and insulting words.


“These are in the great majority directed towards Miss A and are clearly intended to be hurtful and distressing to her.

“Former DI Moss is entirely responsible himself for sending these.”

The police chief noted Miss A had appeared “more and more vulnerable” as time went on, “a fact former DI Moss must have recognised, but his behaviour does not abate”.


Miss A sent DI Moss “profuse apologies, explanation and attempts to placate and repair his relationship but he was having none of it as the continued abusive messages showed”.

The former officer resigned on December 13 last year after he admitted his behaviour amounted to a breach of the Standards of Professional Behaviour for discreditable conduct, and a breach of authority, respect and courtesy.

His name will be added to the College of Policing barred list, Chief Constable Charlie Hall confirmed. In making his decision, the chief constable considered former DI Moss had suffered a recent bereavement.


He said DI Moss had “served the police service very well for 28 years”.

Chief Constable Hall added: “He should rightly be proud of this, and he has been involved in some significant cases.

“He has been a role model for many and well respected by colleagues.


“Former DI Moss has an otherwise unblemished record.

“The public of Hertfordshire have a right to know, that this incident aside, former DI Moss has served them well and had a good career that has been of benefit to the public.”

He said: “The behaviour has not been played out publicly, they were private messages, but were the public to have seen or been aware of the content of the messages former DI Moss was sending I think they would rightly be appalled.”

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