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Robotic microscope eases surgical strain at Northwick Park Hospital

A state-of-the-art robotic microscope is bringing relief to both patients and surgeons at Northwick Park Hospital. Traditionally, surgeons performing ear procedures had to strain their necks to get a clear view inside the ear, leading to musculoskeletal tension. This innovative technology is changing the game.

Consultant Bhav Patel, who introduced the robotic microscope, explained, “Around 85% of ENT surgeons report musculoskeletal tension from using the microscope for prolonged periods. It allows us to achieve an ideal view of the surgical field while ensuring that our necks and backs remain comfortable throughout, enabling us to perform more operations in a day.”

Patients undergo these procedures while awake and are given the unique opportunity to select their favorite piece of music. The chosen music is then played by the surgical team during the procedure.

Robotic microscope eases surgical strain at Northwick Park Hospital Harrow Online
Image: London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust.

Bhav Patel shared, “I never get tired of the look on a patient’s face when their hearing is restored, and the first thing they hear is their favorite song. We’ve had people laughing, crying, or just looking plain surprised.”

Musical requests have included a diverse range of genres, from Bon Jovi and 50 Cent to Bossa Nova, along with audio recordings of religious texts such as the Koran. This innovative approach not only improves the surgical experience but also adds a personalised touch to the process for patients at Northwick Park Hospital.

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