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New night bus N518 proposed to serve Harrow and surrounding areas

Transport for London (TfL) is seeking public feedback on a new night bus service proposal, Route N518, which is set to connect Central London and Ruislip. The proposed route will run through various boroughs, including Brent, Ealing, Harrow, and Hillingdon, offering improved connectivity during nighttime hours.

The N518 night bus service will operate between Trafalgar Square and Ruislip Station, passing through key locations like Wembley, Sudbury Hill, and Rayners Lane. Operating on all nights, it is planned to run every 30 minutes on weeknights and every 15 minutes on weekend nights. The service will be available between 23:05 and 06:55 on weekends and between 23:15 and 06:45 on weeknights.

One of the key factors driving this proposal is the observed increase in weekend demand, which has risen by 4% above pre-pandemic levels on the existing N18 route. The N518 night bus service will replace the N18 route between Sudbury and Harrow Road Station and Trafalgar Square on all nights. It will increase the frequency of the N18 route between Harrow Weald High Road and Trafalgar Square on weekend nights, providing more options for passengers.

The extension of the N518 route to Ruislip aims to encourage more people to opt for public transport and improve connectivity during late-night hours. It will create new journey opportunities, connecting Ruislip to various locations on the proposed route, including Wembley and central London. These new links will benefit a diverse range of passengers, including older individuals, disabled people, women traveling at night, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and lower-paid workers.

There will be a higher frequency of service on the common section shared by both the N18 and N518 routes between Trafalgar Square and Barham Park Roundabout, with buses running every 7.5 minutes on weekends.

While the N518 route will provide enhanced connectivity for many areas, there will be a reduction in bus frequency serving Sudbury & Harrow Road Station at night. On weekday nights, the frequency will decrease from a bus every 15 minutes to one every 30 minutes, and on weekends, it will reduce from a bus every 10 minutes to one every 15 minutes. However, alternative bus stops within 500 meters of the affected area will continue to be served by both the N18 and N518 routes.

TfL has also considered passenger safety and convenience, with well-lit walking routes between the common stops of the N18 and N518 routes and the affected bus stops at Sudbury & Harrow Road Station. Shelters and public lighting are available at these bus stops.

The proposed N518 route will serve various roads, creating improved accessibility and connectivity for passengers. It will also introduce new bus stops to better accommodate passengers traveling at night.

Transport for London invites the public to share their views and feedback on this proposed new night bus service, with consultation purposes in mind. You can find more details, maps, and ways to participate on their website.

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