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Harrow Labour councillor helps revitalise Rayners Lane

Labour Councillor Krishna Suresh has been continuing his commitment to enhancing the community of Rayners Lane over the past year.

Through a series of initiatives aimed at bolstering safety, cleanliness, and resident support, Cllr. Suresh has made strides in improving the area.

One undertaking last year was the High Street week of action, where Cllr. Suresh collaborated with council officers and the Met Police. Together, they embarked on a proactive approach to address various community concerns including safety challenges, issues related to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), substance abuse, and fly-tipping. This effort aimed to ensure the well-being and security of Rayners Lane residents.

Recognising the importance of safety around Roxbourne School, Cllr. Suresh engaged with school staff to discuss pedestrian road safety during peak hours. As a result of these discussions, new road markings were implemented on both sides of the school entrances, contributing to improved safety measures eagerly embraced by the school community.

However, fly-tipping has remained one of the persistent issues in Rayners Lane of late, prompting measures from Labour Councillors. To address this, CCTV installation along Clovelly Way was initiated, aiming to stop the fly-tipping and curb anti-social behaviour.

In response to residents’ apprehensions regarding speeding on Kings Road, Cllr. Suresh also took action by advocating for improvements to speed cushions. These enhancements were implemented to mitigate the risk of accidents in the area.

Cllr Krishna Suresh of Rayners Lane Ward said: “It has been fantastic to work with so many wonderful members of our community in Rayners Lane to ensure that residents are safer, more secure and can benefit from all the improvements we are making together. I am always on hand to support residents and businesses alike in the area.”