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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Weekend weather update for Harrow

As Harrow residents prepare for the weekend ahead, a mixed bag of weather conditions awaits. Here’s a detailed forecast to help you plan your activities:

Saturday, February 17th: The day begins with mostly cloudy skies, transitioning to drizzle in the afternoon. Maximum temperatures will hover around 14.67°C, with nighttime lows dipping to a mild 9.66°C. While the chance of rain stands at 65%, it might be wise to have an umbrella handy for any sporadic showers.

Weekend weather update for Harrow Harrow Online


Sunday, February 18th: Sunday promises a similar theme with overcast conditions leading to periods of rain throughout the day. The mercury will peak at 13.37°C, with evening temperatures settling around 7.76°C. Rainfall could be significant, with a 65% probability, so it’s advisable to plan indoor activities or wear waterproof attire if heading out.

Weekend weather update for Harrow Harrow Online

As you enjoy your weekend Harrow, remember to dress appropriately for the weather!

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