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Young Harrow resident works to shape future of London’s transport network

Transport for London (TfL) has taken a pioneering step in involving younger voices in decision-making processes, appointing representatives under the age of 25 to its senior meetings.

Among them is Ho-Kit Lam, a resident of Harrow, who will represent the Youth Panel at the Safety, Sustainability and Human Resources Panel (SSHRP) meetings.

Starting February 21, members of the TfL Youth Panel will actively participate in quarterly SSHRP and Customer Service and Operational Performance Panel (CSOPP) meetings. They will review papers beforehand, formulate questions, and provide suggestions to TfL leaders and panel members.

Young Harrow resident works to shape future of London’s transport network Harrow Online
TfL Youth Panel, launch of report ‘Tomorrow’s TfL: The Youth Panel’s vision for the future’, London Transport Museum. October 24, 2023

With over a third of London’s population under 25, incorporating their perspectives is crucial to ensuring the transport network’s safety, accessibility, and inclusivity. Ho-Kit Lam, 20, will be the representative for SSHRP meetings, with applications opening soon for the CSOPP representative role.

Last autumn, TfL’s Youth Panel released an independent report titled “Tomorrow’s TfL: The Youth Panel’s vision for the future,” focusing on equitable, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable transport. The report includes nine policy recommendations, such as youth representation at senior meetings and initiatives to overcome barriers to sustainable travel, particularly for marginalized groups.


TfL fully supports the Youth Panel’s findings and has incorporated them into its ambitious customer plan, “Equity in Motion,” which outlines over 80 actions to improve accessibility, safety, affordability, and inclusivity across London’s transport network. This plan reflects TfL’s commitment to being a leader in environmental and social sustainability.

Young Harrow resident works to shape future of London’s transport network Harrow Online
Image: TfL

Seb Dance, Deputy Mayor for Transport, said: “It’s great to see that TfL will be ensuring young people’s voices are represented at senior meetings from now on. With a third of our capital’s population under 25, it is vital that young people’s ideas and views are heard, as we work together for a greener, safer and more accessible network for all Londoners.”

Lilli Matson, TfL’s Chief Health, Safety and Environment Officer, said: “To help ensure London thrives and we have a transport network that is safe, green, connected, affordable and accessible to all we must listen to the views of young people. This is why having young voices represented at our senior meetings, where we plan policies and initiatives to improve London’s transport network is so vital.”


TfL Youth Panel member, Ho-Kit Lam, said: “As a young Londoner, I have seen how diverse our communities are. We are looking forward to working with TfL’s senior leaders to make London more inclusive and give a chance for all to decide on how London will be safer, greener and more sustainable in the future.”

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