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Harrow business owner ‘sick to death’ of lorries parking on pavement by their shop

A Harrow business owner is ‘sick to death’ of lorries ‘parking illegally’ on the pavement by their shop. One tanker has already been hit with multiple fines after being left there for four months, but the business wants it removed permanently as it’s taking up customer parking spaces and blocking access.

The team running Simons Electrical, a wholesaler on Honeypot Lane in Stanmore, claims it has complained to Harrow Council about a number of lorries parking along the service road. Signs state that lorries greater than five tonnes cannot park there overnight, however the shop alleges they are left there for weeks on end.

A spokesperson for the wholesaler told the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) that the council told them it can’t remove the vehicles but have slapped several parking tickets on the one tanker. The spokesperson called the situation ‘horrendous’ and are demanding the council do something about it.

Harrow business owner ‘sick to death’ of lorries parking on pavement by their shop Harrow Online
Parking Tickets. The tanker has already received a number of parking fines. Image Credit: Grant Williams.

They said: “They are putting tickets on it but they do nothing. They say they can’t do anything but I don’t believe that. It’s illegal to leave it there overnight and apparently they don’t have a pound to take it away. It’s just disgraceful.”

They added: “This tanker [has] been there since October. No-one knows who owns it but whoever does even retaxed it back in January and it’s still sitting there. Nobody else can park there now and the pavements are disgusting where people are walking and no-one can get in.”

Harrow Council has put up signs along the road outlining the overnight parking prohibition but the shop called it ‘a nonsense’ if nothing is done when drivers flout the rules. The local authority has already had to fix the pavements once because the lorries ‘destroyed them’, according to the shop’s spokesperson.

They told the LDRS that the situation has ‘slightly improved’ since a particularly large lorry left one evening but the tanker is still there. They said: “Sometimes they’re here for a week, sometimes a few days.”

Harrow business owner ‘sick to death’ of lorries parking on pavement by their shop Harrow Online
Lorry Parked On Honeypot Lane. Simons Electrical claim the Lorries are ‘destroying the pavement’. Image Credit: Grant Williams.

The business has also been trying to get a skip down the road to remove waste but they can’t reverse it in because of the tanker. The spokesperson said that they have seen drivers going in and out of the vehicles but are reluctant to approach them.

They said: “We see people going in the cabs but there’s nothing you can do, they just look at you. In this day and age you don’t want to get into too much confrontation. It’s been going on for a long time. It’s not just since October, it was before that too. I’m absolutely sick to death of it […], it drives you mad.”

It is not clear who owns the lorries as there is no branding on them. Harrow Council were approached for comment but did not respond ahead of publication.

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