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Harrow Town Centre enhancement results published

Harrow Council’s endeavor to revitalise the town centre has reached a pivotal stage with the gathering of community feedback from various engagement activities carried out over the last few months.

Through an extensive consultation process, residents and business owners have contributed their thoughts and feedback, leading to the identification of key concerns and opportunities for improvement across seven distinct themes.

In College Road and Clarendon Road, the challenge of delineating pedestrian areas from carriageways and cycle lanes has been highlighted. The blended surface of pavements and roads often leads to confusion and conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles.

To address this, suggestions include the use of different colored surfaces or physical kerbs to clearly differentiate between pedestrian and vehicular spaces. Additionally, proposals involve installing signs to remind motorists to prioritise pedestrian safety and reallocating seating to areas away from high traffic volumes.

Similarly, concerns about dim and inadequate lighting have been raised in Greenhill Way, particularly made worse during nighttime hours. Proposed changes aim to enhance safety and ambiance by implementing brighter and warmer lighting. Integration of lighting into planters and trees is suggested to improve visibility and aesthetics, along with widening pavements to improve pedestrian access.

Harrow Town Centre enhancement results published Harrow Online

Station Road has been identified as lacking clear signage, particularly directing visitors to key locations such as bus, train, and stations in Harrow. To address this, recommendations include installing clearer signage to guide individuals to transportation hubs and other important destinations. Illuminated signage and the possibility of incorporating QR codes for digital navigation assistance are also under consideration.

In St Anns Road, street clutter and insufficient seating pose challenges to accessibility and safety. Proposed solutions involve conducting a decluttering exercise to remove obstacles from pavements, installing additional benches, and improving waste disposal routines to maintain cleanliness.

Also, the general safety concerns in Harrow Town Centre, especially regarding antisocial behaviour, necessitate comprehensive interventions. Suggestions include enhancing CCTV coverage, collaborating with the police to increase patrols and visibility, and reducing street clutter to improve accessibility.

Various locations in the town centre face issues related to parking and accessibility for disabled individuals. Proposed interventions include improving disabled parking spaces with dropped kerbs for accessibility, reviewing pavement surfaces to ensure smoothness and safety, and implementing protected cycle lanes to encourage cycling.

These proposed interventions aim to address the specific challenges identified in each location, ultimately creating a safer, more accessible, and aesthetically pleasing environment for Harrow shoppers and the local residents.

As the council carefully considers all feedback gathered, the finalised design proposals are set to be incorporated in the upcoming construction phase, commencing in the summer of 2024.

To see a breakdown of the full report, visit the Harrow Council website page.