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Harrow Council Leader stresses social care’s crucial role amid budgetary considerations

Cllr Paul Osborn, Leader of Harrow Council, stresses the critical importance of social care services and their substantial impact on the council’s budget in this weeks MyHarrow newsletter.

“Our services are essential for our society; everyone has a right to safety and to participate,” Cllr Osborn stated, highlighting the fundamental nature of these services in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people within the community.

Cllr Osborn revealed that social care services constitute “about two thirds of the council’s budget” in Harrow. Addressing long-term strategies, Cllr Osborn outlined a flagship action aimed at “improving services to better meet the needs of our learning-disabled residents and those with mental health needs.” He noted the goal of assisting them in living fulfilled lives “as independently as possible.”


In terms of recent advancements, Cllr Osborn lauded the adoption of a new ‘neighbourhood resource’ model at adult centers such as Kenmore and Vaughan. These centres now specialise in “services for people with autism and profound sensory needs,” reflecting a tailored approach to service delivery.

Celebrating the accomplishments of looked after children, Cllr Osborn expressed the council’s commitment to providing “emotional support and a nurturing environment” for over 180 children in care or foster placements. The council’s aim is to help these children “realise their potential and live happily.”


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