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Valuable equipment stolen during Stanmore shed break-ins

Residents of Aldridge Avenue in Stanmore are being urged to enhance the security of their garden sheds following two reported incidents of break-ins this week, which resulted in the theft of valuable equipment.

The local community is on alert as the frequency of such incidents appears to be on the rise, leading to concerns over property security in the area.

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Claire Orr has issued a series of recommendations via the OWL network to help homeowners safeguard their outbuildings against potential thieves.


Among the key advice provided, residents are encouraged to ensure their sheds are securely locked at all times and to remove any bins or objects that could be used by thieves to gain access over fences or gates.

Further security measures include reinforcing the doors of sheds and other outbuildings, installing alarms, and keeping ladders securely chained to prevent unauthorised use.

Homeowners are also advised to maintain their garden fences and gates in good condition, with the addition of trellising on top to deter climbers.

The importance of locking away tools when not in use is also emphasised, as they can not only be stolen but may also be used by thieves to break into houses.

The Stanmore community is being called to remain vigilant and to take these precautionary steps to protect their property and deter criminal activity in the area.

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