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Local Councillor takes action in Hatch End, submits petition with 200 signatures to address concerns

At last week’s London Borough of Harrow Council meeting, Councillor Matthew Goodwin-Freeman of Hatch End presented a petition on behalf of local residents, which received nearly 200 signatures

Accompanied by dozens of local residents who observed from the public gallery, Cllr. Goodwin-Freeman received a round of applause upon submitting the petition to the Council’s Officers. Harrow Council will now undertake a response process in the coming weeks.

The petition addresses concerns regarding the deteriorating condition of pavements and road surfaces in Hatch End, including Ufford Road, Ufford Close, Boniface Gardens, Boniface Walk, and Tillotson Road. Reports have indicated instances of residents tripping, falling, and sustaining injuries, with some individuals requiring hospital visits for stitches.

The catalyst for this action was a recent incident where a resident fell and required medical attention, this spurred Cllr. Goodwin-Freeman to engage with the community and initiate the petition. He collaborated with residents, engaging in door-knocking campaigns and distributing letters to households to gather support for the cause.

Local Councillor takes action in Hatch End, submits petition with 200 signatures to address concerns Harrow Online
The Harrow Council meeting last week. Image: Cllr. Chetna Halai

Cllr. Matthew Goodwin-Freeman said: “This isn’t about blaming anyone, but these pavements and roads haven’t been done in over 50 years – that’s more than twice my age! This is about recognising that residents need to be kept in the loop and informed – which our administration is doing.”

He continued: “We said we’d “Put Residents First” and we are, resurfacing dozens of roads and pavements that had been neglected and ignored for many years previously. This petition is asking to work with the Council to give residents answers, as that’s how you get things done!”

After the petition was submitted with a total of 185 signatures, representing nearly 60% of residents in the affected area, Cllr. Goodwin-Freeman was met with gratitude and appreciation from the assembled residents at the Harrow Arts Centre, where the Council meeting took place.

Residents of Hatch End now await a response, hoping for swift action to rectify the longstanding issues with pavements and roads that have gone unaddressed for decades.

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