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London’s Community Kitchen in Harrow receives £30,000 donation

Getir, the fast grocery delivery company, donated £30,000 to London’s Community Kitchen (LCK) in Harrow, thanks to their partnership with Nisa.

They raised the money by selling Co-op products through the Getir app. To celebrate, Getir showed their support for local communities at the Hilton London Wembley on Friday, February 23rd. They unveiled a new van purchased by LCK using Getir’s donation.

Getir started selling Co-op products nationwide in November 2022, after trying it out in local London stores. The funds were made possible through Nisa’s charity, Making a Difference Locally (MADL), which raises money with Nisa partners and stores. They collect money through various means like collecting tins, coin spinners, and clothing banks. Making a Difference Locally has raised over £17 million for community causes across the UK.

Getir chose to donate their raised funds to LCK, a local charity in Harrow where Getir is based. LCK provides free and affordable food to vulnerable communities in the city. They have amazing volunteers but need more help, which is why Getir is proud to support and raise awareness.

Karthik Harith, General Manager for Getir UK, comments: “Partnering with Nisa has allowed us to expand our offering and, more importantly, given us a platform to give back to the community. The workers at London’s Community Kitchen work tirelessly daily to help the most vulnerable, and we are privileged to support them with our donation”.

Kate Carroll, Head of Charity at Nisa, said: “MADL makes a huge difference to communities across the UK and I’m absolutely delighted to see Getir using their MADL fund for such a worthwhile cause in London’s Community Kitchen. This funding will have a huge impact on those who need support most throughout these cold months and I’m delighted the partnership between MADL and Getir has contributed to such a positive community initiative.”

Taz Khan MBE, London’s Community Kitchen, said: “It’s a monumental moment for us, as this generous donation from Getir will enable us to purchase a van, a critical asset in addressing our growing transport needs. As we witness the challenge of food insecurity escalating in London, it’s more vital than ever for us to stand united.

“This van will be instrumental in our efforts to combat this issue. We urge everyone in London to join hands and pledge their support through our ‘Let’s Feed London’ campaign. Together, we can make a significant impact and offer much-needed support to some of London’s most vulnerable communities .”