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Woman from Harrow launches new ‘hair and scalp wellness’ brand

A woman from Harrow has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and invite the community to join her endeavor. Rochelle Newman is the driving force behind New Shell, a brand dedicated to natural hair and scalp care.

Growing up in the borough, Rochelle’s journey is deeply rooted in her local community. With a dedication to enhancing self-assurance and embracing holistic well-being, the brand specialises in delivering moisturizing solutions tailored for individuals grappling with dry hair, sensitive scalps, and hair loss.

New Shell goes beyond typical products by tackling common hair loss and scalp problems head-on. Rochelle’s own victory over hair issues inspires her to create solutions for all hair types, even those without hair.

Woman from Harrow launches new 'hair and scalp wellness' brand Harrow Online
Image: New Shell

In the UK alone, more than 15 million people contend with hair loss, with a significant portion, 42%, expressing concerns related to scalp health. Despite the growing market, it’s hard to find top-notch products, education, and specialised services. New Shell wants to change that by providing excellent moisturizing products and useful information.

The brand proudly presents its top products: Sweet Sage, a versatile 3-in-1 Moisturising Hair Cream, and Pure, an all-in-one Multi-Purpose Hair & Scalp Care Oil. Made with care by Rochelle and tested thoroughly, these formulas suit many hair and scalp needs.

The primary objective of the ongoing crowdfunding initiative, set at £5,000, is to bolster digital marketing efforts, facilitate event organisation, and obtain crucial certifications. Surpassing this milestone will enable the realisation of eagerly anticipated ventures such as the development of innovative shampoos and conditioners.

Rochelle Newman, a successful film and TV producer/director, overcame her own hair challenges to inspire others. Through community talks, growing her YouTube channel, and learning about cosmetics, Rochelle’s journey fueled the creation of New Shell.

While the brand is currently small, it aims to partner with big UK manufacturers for wider production. New Shell’s main goal is to serve the community and promote overall well-being.

Woman from Harrow launches new 'hair and scalp wellness' brand Harrow Online
Image: New Shell

Rochelle is in advanced discussions with three significant charities, New Shell aims to make a difference for those facing hair and scalp conditions. To stay updated on New Shell’s Crowdfunder project, visit New Shell Website.

Donors will receive updates via the mailing list and Crowdfunder.

Join the Movement and keep up to date by following the New Shell Instagram.