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How safe is Harrow? – A look at crime in the borough

When choosing somewhere to live, there are a number of factors to take into consideration including price, local schools, amenities, and, of course, safety. In this article, we’re taking a look at crime in Harrow and asking ‘how safe is our borough?’

Just the facts

Harrow residents are often shocked and saddened by news reports of young people falling victim to knife crime in the borough and, like most areas, Harrow has its share of crime but, how big is the problem?

First the good news

Early figures for 2024 show that Harrow is the second safest borough in London (coming second only to Richmond on Thames). The report shows that Harrow’s crime rate is an impressive 28% lower than the overall figures for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland – which will come as a relief to many.


So what types of crime occur in Harrow?

Of course, no city, county, town, or borough in the UK can boast a zero crime rate and, sadly, Harrow does have its crimes and its crime hotspots and we’ll take a look at these in this section:

Getting worse

First, we’ll take a peek at some of the crimes which are recorded as “getting worse” in our borough and these are:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Drug offences

Unfortunately, these two types of crime often go hand in hand and, like many other councils, Harrow is working on ways to tackle this.

Getting better

The great news is that there are a number of serious crimes which are recorded as improving in Harrow and some of these are:

  • Possession of weapons
  • Vehicle crime
  • Violence and sexual offences

Harrow’s crime hot spots

Unfortunately, some areas of Harrow are safer than others and below are the reported crime hot spots for our borough:

  • Greenhill South – a number of factors, including secluded areas and bad lighting come together to make Greenhill the worst area in Harrow for crime. Thankfully, a new creative hub which is planned for 2024 is set to tackle some of the issues surrounding this troubled area.
  • Parks and recreation – As with most towns, criminals tend to flock toward parks and common areas (as was highlighted by the tragic murders of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman) and Alexandra Park and Harrow Weald Recreation Ground are listed as areas where improvement is needed.

Safety first in Harrow

While our borough may yet have work to do, these findings show that Harrow remains a pretty safe place to live, work, and socialise. While this is great news, you should always practice personal safety when out and about by avoiding areas of high crime and avoiding walking alone late at night wherever possible.


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