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New moped bays to be installed in Watford Town Centre

Watford Council is set to unveil a new moped bay on King Street, right outside the busy McDonald’s in Watford Town Centre.

This move aims to declutter pavements and bring order to the chaotic parking scene, marking a significant step towards the formal regulation of moped parking in the area.

Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor posted via social media, “The council are installing a new moped bay on King Street (outside McDonalds), which will help formally regulate the area and remove these vehicles from the pavement.

“The introduction of this bay has been welcomed by delivery drivers, as they recognise the importance of ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery process while maintaining pedestrian safety. The initiative also aims to streamline traffic flow in the area.

“This move is part of council’s broader mission to tackle traffic congestion, enhance safety, improve air quality, and support local businesses in the town centre. It complements existing measures like ANPR cameras to enforce bus gate restrictions.

”In response to the need for more accessible parking, the council has also introduced new disabled parking bays along Church Street and George Street, reaffirming its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.”