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Harrow community reacts after town centre knife attack

A 15-year-old boy was rushed to hospital with ‘slash’ injuries after being attacked with a knife in Harrow Town Centre on Saturday night, March 16.

Fortunately, the injuries sustained were not life-threatening. Nevertheless, the incident has sparked significant concern within the local community.

In light of our coverage of this coupled with a recent surge in violent crimes in and around Harrow, we reached out to our Facebook group members to gather their thoughts on the matter. Below are some of the responses we received.


Dennis O’Gara said, “We need a new law that means 10 years in prison for anyone caught carrying a knife. That would make people think twice.”

Hitesh Kothary added, “Perhaps a simple approach that MP, councillors, police need to get behind – and someone owns”

He proposed practical solutions to address community concerns, including reopening police stations in Harrow, increasing police presence across different areas, adopting a zero-tolerance stance on low-level crimes, monitoring Stop & Search activities, empowering schools to discipline students, revitalising high streets with free parking and business rate reliefs, deploying mobile metal scanners, and enforcing immediate penalties for carrying knives, such as 100 hours of community service within a year.

“With the levels of council tax in Harrow and not even have a police station with Harrow badged police officers is utter theft from Harrow residents”, he added.

Gosha Malgorzata Graf said, “How about spending more time with your children and rising them well so they don’t hang out on streets and ending being involved in crime … just to start with.”

Steve Gent commented, “The prisons are overcrowded and understaffed as it is. Needs a massive overhaul and increased funding before we imprison thousands of knife carriers.”

Mary Johnson said, “Used to it now. Though I do worry about my law abiding sons who like to stroll around Harrow after Uni.”

Andrew Hufford said, “It wasn’t as prevalent during my younger years, where we would go out on our bikes and explore the local area to have some fun, nowadays it’s mobile phones and online chat, which leads to these sort of attacks”.

Harrow community reacts after town centre knife attack Harrow Online
North Harrow following a stabbing. Image: Paolo Arrigo

Since the start of the year we have had a number of incidents across Harrow including a man stabbed to death in South Harrow on February 26, a transgender girl stabbed 14 times on 14th February and a teenage school boy stabbed in North Harrow on 10th February, to name just a few.

If you know anything about knife crime that could aid the police in their investigations, call crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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