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Residential plan refused in Barnet due to poor access route

Barnet Council’s planning committee has refused plans to build two new homes due to the lack of accessibility for emergency and refuse collection services.

The proposal for the site in East Barnet Village comprises of two, two-storey properties with green roofs, amenity space, refuse and cycle storage and off-street parking.

The site is hard-surfaced and occupied by a number of outbuildings used for storage which would have been demolished to make way for the new homes.


The area backs onto properties in Jackson Road and Cranbrook Road and the only way to approach the site is via Churchmead Close, a partially paved, narrow private access way.

The plan was recommended for approval by officers but nine objections were received.

These included the “narrow width” of the access point which meant emergency vehicles would have “issues” accessing the site and the council’s refuse trucks wouldn’t be able to.

The plan would also “encroach” on neighbours’ land and “impact” their privacy.

A resident, John Stanley, spoke at the planning committee meeting held on Tuesday (19th) and said it was a “total impracticality” as a site to be developed.

He criticised  the use of the “narrow” access route which was split into six pieces of private land owned by the houses that backed onto it.

But agent Daniel Wolfson spoke in favour saying there was a “right of way at all times with or without motor vehicles” on the access route and money would go towards “maintaining and upkeeping” it.

He said this was an “existing access route” that the developer was not “looking to change” and added windows wouldn’t be facing neighbouring gardens with the exception of windows at the rear of the properties which would be frosted.

Committee member Arjun Mittra asked about emergency service access and Daniel said the London Fire Brigade had reviewed the scheme and said they had “no objection” to it.

Committee member Tim Roberts asked about the guarantee the access road would be maintained. The agent said the maintenance of the road was not under consideration for the scheme but was something they’d be happy to improve but could guarantee as it wasn’t the developer’s land.

Following discussion chair Claire Farrier said she was inclined to say the site wasn’t “suitable for residential purposes”. The councillors took a vote with five against and one in favour and the proposal was refused.

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