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Building Foundations in our Borough – Harrow’s own Kate Nash

The Borough of Harrow has had more than its fair share of famous sons and daughters over the years, and, in this article, we’re shining the spotlight on musician and songwriter, Kate Nash.

In 2007, the pop world grew a bit more interesting as Kate Nash burst onto the scene with her smash hit single, Foundations – but it all started a lot earlier than that for this unique artist.

Born in Harrow on the 6th of July 1987, Kate Marie Nash spent her formative years living in Harrow and attending the St. John Fisher school in Pinner where she first learned to play piano and then the St. Joan of Arc School in Rickmansworth. Kate would go on to study at the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology – but things wouldn’t always be plain sailing.

At 18, the singer underwent cardiac surgery to eliminate tachycardia – an experience which inspired her song, ‘Death Proof’. While at the BRIT school, Kate had her sights set on a career as an actor but disappointment would follow when she was rejected by a number of drama schools, including the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Building Foundations in our Borough - Harrow’s own Kate Nash Harrow Online
Credit: Trinity Bar, Harrow.

During this time, she broke her foot during a fall and, during her recuperation, began to write songs. To Trinity and beyond With the help of MySpace (remember that?)Kate began to share her music with others and the connections that she made allowed her to start playing modest gigs in and around London – the first of which was at Harrow’s Trinity bar.

Kate’s first single – a double A side featuring ‘Caroline’s A Victim’ and ‘Birds’ met with a fairly cool response, however, she achieved chart success in 2007 with her song ‘Foundations’ after switching to Fiction Records.

Going back to my roots Since those early days, Kate Nash’s career has gone from strength to strength, and, as well as many more hit records, a Brit Award for Best Female Artist, and several music festival appearances, she has also achieved her teenage dream of acting success.

Kate has appeared in a number of films and TV programmes including Greetings from Tim Buckley, Powder Room, Syrup, and Netflix’s comedy-drama Glow.

When she’s not singing or acting, Kate, who still lives in Harrow, is busy campaigning against gender equality. Keen-eyed Harrowvians will spot glimpses of our borough in Kate’s music video for her song ‘I Hate You This Christmas’ including footage shot in Harrow SkatePark and the Trinity Bar.