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How bad is gang crime in Harrow?

Throughout the UK, Brits are increasingly claiming that their town or city is becoming unsafe due to crime gangs operating in the area. In this article, we’re taking a look at this issue and asking, how bad is our borough’s gang problem?

Strength in numbers

Generally speaking, a gang is three or more young people (average age 16 ½) who congregate in public spaces. In the ‘olden days’, the term had a much more innocent meaning as it was often used to describe a group of friends however, these days, the world has much more sinister undertones.

Unfortunately, crime gangs typically operate within a specific area where they engage in various criminal activities such as theft, intimidation, antisocial behavior, violence, and murder.

in 2024, many gang members carry weapons including guns and knives (in many cases the much publicised zombie knives) which, sadly, can lead to violence and murder between warring gangs.

London and crime gangs

Figures show that, since 2010, a staggering 15% of all murders in London are committed by crime gangs – a fact which reflects the worrying regularity of news stories about the stabbing deaths of young people (around 66 in London in 2023 alone).

Gang crime in Harrow

While Harrow has been named as London’s second safest borough, behind Richmond on Thames, the area still has concerning crime figures. In 2022, figures show that 5149 violent and / or sexual crimes were reported in the London Borough of Harrow – an increase from 4886 the previous year.

While some local news stories suggest that gang crime is on the rise in our borough, possession of weapons is actually Harrow’s least common crime with only 70 incidents reported in 2022.

Although this may be encouraging, there are no clear figures regarding gangs committing less serious crimes; in particular antisocial behaviour which can be distressing for those who are just trying to go about their business or simply want to feel safe in their own homes.

Getting nuisance and crime off our streets

As with any other type of crime, gang related offences can be offensive and frightening and councils, including Harrow, are working hard to stamp out these crimes. If you have information about gangs operating in your area, contact the police or the council to report this.