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Woman has ‘£2,000 pickpocketed’ whilst shopping in Harrow Town Centre

A woman claims to have had £2,000 in cash stolen whilst shopping at St George’s Shopping Centre in Harrow.

The incident happened at the recently opened B&M store within the centre on Wednesday, 20th March at around 1:20pm.

The victim said she was followed from the bank in Harrow Town Centre to the store, where she was pick-pocketed. She confirmed this after watching CCTV footage of the incident.

Woman has '£2,000 pickpocketed' whilst shopping in Harrow Town Centre Harrow Online
The incident is said to have happened in the B&M store in St George’s.

A spokesperson for Met Police told Harrow Online: “We are investigating a report of theft after cash was stolen from a woman while shopping at B&M in St George’s Shopping centre on Wednesday, 20 March.

“Inquiries are ongoing. There have been no arrests.”

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