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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Huge ‘ape-like’ creature spotted walking in Old Redding

Harrow has its very own ‘Bigfoot’ according to a local dogwalker in Old Redding.

The local resident, out walking in the common with their dog ‘Andrew’ in Old Redding, stumbled upon a a hulking ‘ape-like’ figure, casually taking in the sights.

Captured on film and posted on Harrow Online’s Facebook page this morning, this furry phenomenon had Andrew the dog barking up the proverbial tree.

“There he was, and Andrew went ballistic,” reported the dog-walker, still reeling from the encounter.

“Never seen him so riled up; he must’ve thought it was a huge squirrel.”

The footage has set tongues wagging and tails wagging even harder.

Is it a prankster in a party suit or Harrow’s answer to the legendary Sasquatch?

The jury’s out, let us know what you think! If you’ve captured anything similar, WhatsApp us now at 07999 293 922.