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How balcony gardens transform Wembley Park rentals

Quintain Living, the management company overseeing over 3,390 apartments in Wembley Park, advocates for balcony gardening as a way for residents to personalise their living spaces this summer.

Residents are encouraged to embrace container gardening, which offers the flexibility to cultivate flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and small trees. This initiative not only adds vibrancy to balconies but also contributes to a greener environment by attracting wildlife like bees and butterflies.

Danielle Bayless, Chief Operating Officer, Quintain Living (and keen balcony gardener!) says, “Renting doesn’t mean you can’t come home to a beautiful space that you have created yourself. What better way to add character than by planting an array of colourful plants on your balcony? Not only will it look and smell fantastic for months on end, but planting in containers means that when you move, you can simply pick up the pots and take them with you.”

How balcony gardens transform Wembley Park rentals Harrow Online
Container beds at Canada Gardens, Quintain Living, Wembley Park

Quintain Living offers practical tips for residents:

  1. Choose Suitable Containers: Opt for recycled pots or containers available at local markets. Larger pots are preferable to accommodate plant growth and retain moisture.
  2. Prepare the Pots: Ensure containers have drainage holes and use quality potting mix. Refresh soil when replanting.
  3. Plan Your Garden: Select herbs, vegetables, or dwarf trees suitable for balcony conditions. Options include salad leaves, herbs, tomatoes, geraniums, and petunias.
  4. Add Colour: Bedding plants and larger flowering plants can provide color and fragrance. Sweet peas are recommended for their aroma and prolonged flowering period.

This initiative aligns with Wembley Park’s green ethos, where balconies adorned with greenery complement the natural surroundings. At Repton Gardens, Quintain Living’s development, podium gardens and roof terraces offer serene spaces for residents. The integration of plants within the building enhances air quality and interior aesthetics, promoting a tranquil atmosphere.

Through balcony gardening, Quintain Living aims to empower residents to personalise their own living spaces in Wembley Park.