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The Writing’s On The Wall- a look at graffiti in Harrow

Last month a new London work was revealed by popular street artist, Banksy, but when it comes to graffiti many feel that there’s a fine line between art and vandalism. In this article, we’re taking a look at the street art in our borough.

Making a mark

If you take a walk around central Harrow, you can’t help but notice the graffiti scattered around the streets. In some instances, it’s clear that the work has been done by a person with some talent, however, this is very much overshadowed by tags (a basic form of graffiti often used as a “signature”) and just straight up vandalism.

As with other boroughs, Harrow Council works hard to keep graffiti off our streets and the website states that: “We remove graffiti from council maintained footpaths, roads and properties within three weeks. If the graffiti is offensive we aim to remove it within one working day. We do not remove graffiti from private or business properties unless it is offensive. If the graffiti is on a private or business property the owner or company has a legal duty to remove it”.

The Writing’s On The Wall- a look at graffiti in Harrow Harrow Online
More graffiti

Unfortunately, the fight against graffiti is often a losing battle as the council will spend time and money to remove it – only for a new piece of work to appear in its place days or weeks later.

Sketchy behaviour

While some may see graffiti as a means of self-expression, in reality it costs the council – and individuals – thousands of pounds and those found guilty of such offences can be fined up to £5000 (minimum £80) and repeat offenders may even face a custodial sentence.

Harrow Council always advises residents to report any graffiti in our borough – particularly that which may be deemed offensive.