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Harrow’s Job Market: Exploring employment statistics and opportunities

The engine room of any borough is its ability to offer employment to its residents and, in this article, we’re checking out the state of employment in the London Borough of Harrow.

First, the stats

For the year ending September 2023, Harrow scored an impressive employment rate of 73.4% for those aged between 16 and 64. This was a slight decrease from the previous year but is still a fairly robust figure.

The number of Harrow residents falling into the category of economic inactivity (neither working or actively looking for work) stood at 18.6% and the unemployment rate came in at 4.8% for those over the age of 18. These rates are on a general par with other boroughs in London.

Employers in Harrow

Across the borough, there are a number of major employers as well as smaller, privately owned companies and we’ll take a look at these in this section:

Hospitals and healthcare

These organisations provide a huge amount of employment in our borough, including:

  • Northwick Park Hospital
  • GP surgeries
  • Private hospitals such as The Clementine Churchill and Cygnet hospitals

As well as skilled medical staff such as doctors, nurses and radiographers, these facilities employ large numbers of admin and unskilled staff. Healthcare accounts for 15.9% of jobs in Harrow.

Council / local government

Like any borough, Harrow needs a large number of council employed staff to keep the wheels turning and council jobs make up 1.9% of the borough’s total employment. This includes councillors, admin staff and decision makers.


From teachers to admin to cleaning staff, Harrow’s education system employs over 15% of our borough’s employees across its 52 primary schools and 25 secondary schools (15% of which are privately run).

The independent sector

In this section, we’ll look at some of the private employers in our borough:

  • Hospitality – Pubs, clubs and restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Retailers – including independent shops
  • Gyms and wellbeing facilities

As well as the above, Harrow has a number of businesses which employ a significant number of people including:

  • Orbis Consumer Products Limited (worth GBP 23929778)
  • Ripro Health Uk Ltd (valued GBP 10000000)
  • Alaa Engineering Design And Contract Limited
  • A number of legal firms
  • A number of beauty businesses including hair salons, barber salons and nail parlours
  • A large number of estate agents

A very productive borough

As we’ve shown here, there’s a wealth of work to be had in Harrow and jobs can be found through the Jobcentre, individual websites or online agencies. If you decide to go the online route, always make sure that the site you’re using is legitimate – and never pass on your personal details such as financial information.