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Getting a head start – A look at the tuition available in Harrow

Although we’re only half way through April, most parents know that the school summer holidays come around pretty quickly.

While the holidays are a welcome break and maybe even a chance to get away for a week or two, many parents like to take the opportunity to give their kids a head start for the new term with private tuition. In this article, we’re looking at the tuition available for school kids in our borough.

Maths tuition

Many children of all ages struggle with maths and, thankfully, there is help available in Harrow including:

Mathnasium Harrow

In business for over 20 years, Mathnasium on College Road offers a number of programmes including:

  • 11+ Test Prep
  • GCSE Test Prep
  • Summer Program

Mathnasium’s goal is not just to improve maths capability but to increase understanding and make learning fun. While Mathnasium may love numbers, it doesn’t include any on its website so, for prices, parents needs to contact them b y email at harrow@mathnasium.co.uk

Bright Maths Tuition

Well reviewed tutor, Ranjan, offers in person maths classes all the way up to AS level either at the Bright Maths Tuition base at Wood Close or online. Prices are available by telephone on 0744777 49081.

Science tuition in Harrow

Eureka! Tuition Harrow

If your child is a budding biologist, you can do no worse than to top up his or her knowledge over the summer holidays. Eureka! Tuition offers online courses and classes for children aged 11 or over from August 1st and you can find out more, including pricing by emailing Eureka at eurekatuition@mail.com or calling on 075 4587 8413.

Pinner Tuition Centre

Covering GCSE physics, chemistry and biology, the Pinner Tuition Centre offers tailored tuition to help children get through their GCSEs – including those who are taking more than one science subject. The centre – which specialises in on site learning – also offers English lessons. Prices are – you guessed it – available by contacting the Pinner Tuition Centre either by email at tutors@pinnertuitioncentre.co.uk or by telephone on 020 8868 6711. The website does, however, state that the Centre will accept Childcare Vouchers as payment or part payment for tuition.

Keeping up and getting ahead over the summer

If your child is struggling with a particular subject, a summer course can stop them from slipping behind and can, in some stages, even get them ahead – which means that private tuition can be a great investment. All you need to do now is convince your  kids that this is a good way of spending their precious break