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Making A Racquet In Harrow – A look at the clubs available in the birthplace of squash

Regular exercise is vital for our health and wellbeing and squash in particular has a number of health benefits including cardiovascular, fitness and strength and improving hand eye coordination. In this article, we’re making a racquet about the clubs available in the birthplace of squash.

Off the wall

Played by either two or four people, squash is played in a four walled court. The game is played using racquets and a hollow rubber ball which the players take turns in striking against a wall, with the object being to retrieve the ball after it hits the front wall but before it bounces twice on the floor.

The game of squash is said to have been invented at Harrow School in 1830. Boys at the school would regularly play a game known as ‘Rackets’ in which balls would be struck against walls or wire covered windows however, some pupils discovered that a punctured ball which would ‘squash’ on impact produced a wider range of shots and a more challenging game.

Squash clubs in Harrow

As is only fitting, there area number of squash clubs in our borough and some of these are:

Harrow Squash Club

Based at Harrow Leisure Centre on Christchurch Avenue, Harrow Squash Club welcomes players of all abilities. The club offers a number of different options including:

  • Juniors                             7 – 11 years
  • Junior Development           11 – 18 years
  • Social Squash                   Adults

As well as coaching, the club operates an awards scheme in order to monitor and reward progress and takes part in regular tournaments. Junior membership costs £45 per year and adult membership costs £99 per year. For more information, check out Harrow Squash’s Club’s website.

Vale Farm Sports Centre

Run by Everyday Active, the Vale Farm Sports Centre on Watford Road offers squash courts along with many other facilities including fitness equipment, swimming pools and exercise classes. Membership to the club starts from £39.95.

Safe and healthy exercise

Playing squash is a great way of staying fit, however, it is a very physically demanding sport and so may not be for everybody. If in doubt, coaches at the clubs above (or your GP) will be able to advise you on the suitability of this game for you.