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App-based guide to Wembley Park’s art trail officially launches

Wembley Park has unveiled a new digital guide on the CityTrotter: London Walks app to enhance the experience of its free outdoor art trail.

This innovation comes as part of celebrations for UNESCO’s World Art Day on April 15, highlighting 23 public artworks throughout the Northwest London neighbourhood, which is just a 12-minute journey from central London.

The guide utilises GPS technology to lead visitors accurately to each artwork displayed across various urban surfaces including bridges, floors, and staircases. It provides detailed information about each piece, enriching visitors’ understanding of the diverse artworks.

App-based guide to Wembley Park’s art trail officially launches Harrow Online
Think Independently, Together by Lois O’Hara

Since the pandemic, Wembley Park has integrated its public art into a cohesive trail, which now includes both permanent and temporary installations.

Notable among the permanent collection is British street artist Mr. Doodle’s work, known for his “graffiti spaghetti” style, which decorates over 30 concrete barriers and a caravan in the area.

Claudio Giambrone, Head of Marketing at Wembley Park, said, “This new app-based digital guide to the Wembley Park Art Trail is a great way to get up close with all the amazing public art on display for free across the neighbourhood.

“It’s designed to make exploring over 23 artworks super interactive and engaging, right from your phone. We’re excited about making art accessible and enjoyable for everyone, whether you’re a local or just visiting.”

The art trail begins at the iconic Olympic Way with “Crossover,” a dynamic digital installation on the refurbished Bobby Moore Bridge, and includes tributes to England’s football legend Bobby Moore.

App-based guide to Wembley Park’s art trail officially launches Harrow Online
‘Landscapes of Women’ by Laxmi Hussain

Other highlights include Lois O’Hara’s vibrant floor mural “Think Independently, Together,” and “Landscapes of Women” by local artist Laxmi Hussain, which celebrates female diversity.

The trail also features “Faces of Climate Change,” a photo exhibition curated by Brent Council, and the Square of Fame outside the OVO Arena Wembley, showcasing handprints of legendary musicians.

Concluding or starting the trail, depending on the visitor’s route, is “The Shadow Wall” by Jason Bruges Studio at Wembley Stadium station, an interactive installation that creates a “digital shadow” of the visitor’s movements.

The Wembley Park Art Trail app is available for download on both Android and Apple devices, offering a sustainable way to explore the artworks while encouraging walking and reducing environmental impact.