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Does Harrow have too many chicken shops?

While many of us enjoy a takeaway, Harrow seems to have more than its fair share and, as Sam’s Chicken on Northolt Road applies for a licence extension, we’re asking how many is too many when it comes to fast food outlets?

Sam’s seeks to rise in the pecking order

We’ve recently discovered that Sam’s Chicken on Northolt Road, South Harrow has applied for an extension to its opening / licensing hours. In an application to Harrow Council, the popular fried chicken shop has asked that it be permitted to serve inside the premises until midnight and for takeaway until five o’clock in the morning.

The fry’s the limit

While fast food is a convenient way of grabbing a quick bite when you’re on the go, does our borough need quite so many?

We’ll start with fried chicken – within a small radius of Harrow Town Centre, there are currently 11 shops supplying the residents of Harrow with their chicken fix. Next up is kebabs; purveyors of which the town centre has 9 at the moment. In addition, there are also plenty of burger joints to choose from.

What’s the problem ?

Although it’s great to have plenty of choice when it comes to takeaways and fast food, these stores do seem to become a gathering point for young people who tend to congregate both inside and outside the shops.

While maybe a little high spirited, these kids, on the whole, mean no harm – however, encountering groups of young people can feel intimidating – particularly for older folk in our borough.

Additionally, some people have concerns about the lack of nutritional value of some of the food (however, others live by “a little of what you fancy does you good”.)

Finally, even the most tolerant of Harrow’s homeowners might be alarmed to discover that living close to a fast food joint such as a chicken shop can have a negative impact on the value of their property.

Are more chicken shops waiting in the wings?

We’re not, of course, suggesting that Harrow Council turn into the chicken police and start closing fast food outlets down. It does, however, seem that caution would be sensible going forward in terms of how many new such outlets are allowed to take their place on our streets.