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New Nepalese restaurant could open in South Harrow

Many Harrovians – and those from further afield – enjoy eating out in our borough and, with options ranging from Punjabi to pizza and from sandwiches to sushi.

Lovers of exotic fare will be interested to learn that Ganedya currently has an application in with Harrow Council and, in this article, we’re looking at what you can expect from Nepalese cuisine, should the license be granted.

From South Harrow to South Asia

Recently, the owners of Nepalese restaurant, Ganedya, applied to Harrow Council to open a restaurant at 318 Northolt Road South Harrow – with the request including the sale of alcohol and food until midnight and permission for live dancing events to take place in the restaurant.

What is Nepalese cuisine?

Nepal is a landlocked country in the Himalaya region of South Asia which is known to be the birthplace of Gautama Buddha-Lumbini. As such, it is an extremely popular tourism and pilgrimage location.

A typical example of Nepalese cuisine would be the Chaurasi Byanjan – rice served in a giant leaf alongside many small plates which may include Momo; a Himalayan flour dumpling filled with minced meat.

The cuisine tends to take influences from a number of regions including Chinese and Indian and features curries and biryanis and condiments such as spicy pickles. Another specialty is Dal – a soup which is usually made with lentils and spices (but can be made with other grains).

A Nepalese restaurant may also offer Sel Roti – a ring shaped sweet rice bread which is traditionally eaten during Nepalese festivals such as Tihar (a dive day Hindu festival).

Traditional Nepalese drinks include Raksi (similar to the Japanese Sake), Tongba (a millet based beer) and Butter Tea – a kind of energy drink served hot.

Spice up your life at home

As we wait to find out if Ganedya’s application will be successful, you may want to get ahead of the pack by trying out some Nepalese recipes for yourself at home.