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Harrow Labour councillors support community hub in Grange Farm

Harrow on the Hill Labour Councillors have announced their support for the My Yard Community Hub situated in the heart of the Grange Farm Estate.

My Yard, a registered charity, promotes community togetherness in Harrow, Bushey, and Barnet. They prioritise listening, helping, and reducing food waste while finding solutions and celebrating each other.

Starting in 2023, the My Yard Warm Hubs initially emerged as a response to the pressing challenges of escalating living costs and the regeneration efforts in the area. However, they have since evolved into a dynamic community resource centre addressing local needs.

Securing funding through the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL), Labour Councillors have paved the way for the sustenance and expansion of the project over the next year.

This project not only ensures assistance for vulnerable residents within the Harrow community but also facilitates the smooth transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 as developmental plans around Grange Farm take shape.

At the core of this initiative is the My Yard Community Hub, serving as a link in bringing residents together and addressing various life stages and challenges they may encounter.

Harrow Labour councillors support community hub in Grange Farm Harrow Online
Image: Harrow Labour

Under Erika Fontaine’s guidance, affectionately known as Pinkie and celebrated as a Harrow Hero for her dedication, the Saturday Hub has become a hub of community spirit and collaboration.

Labour Councillor for Harrow on the Hill, Cllr. Stephen Hickman said: “It is a privilege to support the work of My Yard and residents on the Grange Farm Estate. It is disappointing that we live in a world where food banks and fuel hubs are necessary. However, residents have created something very special here.

“Regeneration is so much more than bricks and mortar; it is also about community-building and developing community cohesion. I am humbled by how amazing our residents are and by the love and support they show for each other.”