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Shopping Around – A fresh look at South Harrow Market

When it comes to markets in London, places like Borough Market and Portobello tend to get all the love but there are also some great local venues and, in this article, we’re taking a fresh look at South Harrow Market.

From humble beginnings

Founded in 1930, South Harrow Market, like many, was a fairly simple affair, supplying fresh produce and textiles to the good folk of the area. At this time, the market would have been something of a social hub as well as somewhere to shop and would have been an extremely important part of the community.

When shoppers turn away

As more shops – and more importantly – supermarkets began to appear, including the Sainsburys store which opened in South Harrow in 1969, shoppers began to drift away from the market in favour of the shiny new superstores.

This began a phase in which South Harrow market became a little down on its luck and, some would say, downright shabby – making it a place to avoid for many.

The market renaissance

Shopping Around - A fresh look at South Harrow Market Harrow Online
Inside South Harrow Market. Image: Nicci Rae

In recent years, markets have once again become popular with shoppers who enjoy hunting for bargains or more unique items that can’t be found in major retail stores. Because of this, South Harrow Market has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity and, these days, it’s narrow alleys contain a number of wonderful outlets, including:


  • Floral Art
  • Ankhoy Carpet Centre
  • Hassanali Jewellers


  • The Growth & Wellness Therapy Centre
  • Blades & Fades Abstrakt
  • Xposure Beauty Salon
  • Select Print

Food and drink

Shopping Around - A fresh look at South Harrow Market Harrow Online
Rogalik. Image: Nicci Rae
  • Boba Jam (bubble teas)
  • Jollof City (Nigerian cuisine)
  • Cool Birds (Asian street food)
  • Rogalik (Polish grocery store)
  • Bun N Roll Xpress (Bakery)
  • Rangoli Food (Indian vegetarian cuisine)

Back to the market

A far cry from its downtrodden past, South Harrow Market is once again becoming a thriving community hub providing bargains to shoppers and opportunities to local traders.