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Power cut affecting multiple Harrow households

There is currently a power cut affecting multiple households and businesses in Harrow.

A note on the UK power networks website says, “We’re sorry for any disruption this may have caused you.”

Tesco Superstore in Station Road is currently closed due to the cut and hopes to reopen by 8:30pm, according to their customer services department.

The power cut affects households and businesses in the central Harrow and Wealdstone areas. Images sent to Harrow Online show also showed outages at Harrow & Wealdstone train station, which remains open.

Some households in the HA1, HA1 2 and HA3 5 post code areas have been without power since around 5:30pm.

“As this was an unexpected power cut, we didn’t know it was going to happen so we were unable to give you advanced notice”, a notice says on the UK Power Networks website.

Power cut affecting multiple Harrow households Harrow Online
Image: Google/UK Power Networks

“We’re working to give you a more specific time for when your power will be back on.

The live update thread also states: “We became aware of a power cut at 17:30. We’re sorry for any disruption this may have caused you. We didn’t know in advance there would be a power cut but now that we know, our teams will do everything they can to get your power back quickly.”

Power cut affecting multiple Harrow households Harrow Online
Power outage in Harrow and Wealdstone station.

Latest update sent at around 6:10pm said, “We’re sorry your power has gone off again. We are sending our engineers back to the Railway Approach area to investigate why. Currently, our time frame for power to be restored is between 21:00 and 22:00, but once our staff arrive on site and assess the situation, this time may change.

“As there have been other power cuts recently it’s difficult to know what repairs will be needed to restore your power safely, so time frames we provide throughout have to be estimated. The results of our engineer’s tests on our network will let us know if our estimate needs to be adjusted, so we’ll update you as soon as they have arrived on site and investigated.”

Update at 8:07: “We believe there may be an underlying issue causing the recent power cuts, but due to the nature of the electricity network, the heat created by a developing fault can cause a break in a cable to reseal itself. This can make it difficult to locate, so while our engineers are testing our equipment thoroughly to pinpoint the issue, this kind of problem may interrupt power multiple times before it’s possible for us to fix. We know that our customers may be worried about the food in the fridge and freezer, so we want to try and help with advice. Food should keep for up to 4 hours in the fridge, and between 24-48 hours in the freezer if you avoid opening them.”

Update: Power was fully restored shortly after 8:15pm. The reason for the power cut
was an underground electricity cable faulted on a high voltage network, causing an area wide outage.