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A New Plan – Exploring Harrow’s New Draft Local Plan

Wherever you live, having a say in what goes on in your borough is of paramount importance and, this year, Harrow did just that by opening its Draft Local Plan which closed on the 24th of April.

What is the Harrow Draft Local Plan?

This is, essentially, a consultation regarding development within the London Borough of Harrow between 2021 and 2041.

Harrow council invited people who live, work or simply have an interest in our borough to come forward and have their say on a number of topics pertaining to Harrow, particularly those relevant to the objective of “Good Growth”.

What’s the plan ?

The Harrow New Draft Local Plan (No. 18) is designed to tackle the big issues such as housing, local businesses, safety and security, education, green spaces and much more. In this year’s plan, the following were discussed:

  • Housing – It was revealed that the percentage of whole house or bungalow homes in our borough is significantly higher than the London average whereas the percentage of flats is significantly lower. This highlighted a need for more affordable flats within the London Borough of Harrow.
  • Schools – It was noted that many Harrow residents are forced to accept accommodation which is a long distance from suitable schools. This highlighted a need for improved, sustainable and affordable travel.
  • Healthcare – A discussion was had regarding the Harrow Community Infrastructure Levy which will fund the cost of enhanced and or strategic infrastructure for a number of developments, including healthcare.

This is just a snapshot of the plan, however, if you have a bit of free time, you can wade through all 303 pages of the report !

A shared responsibility

The way our borough is run, maintained and grown is something that affects us all – and so it’s only right that we all get a chance to have our say. Although the consultation is now closed for this year, you can keep an eye on the Harrow Council website to sign up for the 2025 consultation.