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New PCSO helps find missing elderly man in Harrow

West Harrow’s newly appointed Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Neal played a crucial role in locating a missing elderly man suffering from dementia on Thursday, April 25th.

The incident began shortly after PCSO Neal stepped out for his daily foot patrol from the South Harrow Police Station at around 3:00pm.

Upon encountering a distressed gentleman on the phone, PCSO Neal learned that the man’s father had wandered off, potentially boarding a train. The gentleman received guidance from Inspector Ray of Hillingdon during the call, prompting PCSO Neal to use the gentleman’s mobile to track his father via a GPS tracking device.

Despite delays in the GPS signal, PCSO Neal kept both the Inspector and the gentleman informed, as they hurried to South Harrow Train Station. Unfortunately, the elderly man was not on the expected train. Updated tracker information then pointed to Rayners Lane Train Station as the next possible location.

With PCSO Neal’s local knowledge, and ongoing communication between the team, they were able to locate the man outside Rayners Lane Baptist Church. The reunion took place promptly, with the family expressing immense gratitude towards the officer and the team.

Reflecting on the day, PCSO Neal shared, “Having had a mother in law who had Dementia/ Alzheimer’s, who also escaped on occasions, I can truly relate to how the gentleman was feeling and it was wonderful to inform him that his father was now safe.”

He added, “The reason I joined the Met was to serve and as a PCSO to really help those in the community.

“Seeing the gentleman’s face on telling him the news and how appreciative he was, it was wonderful to see and great that we were able to reunite them back together again.”

This incident underscores the critical role that community support officers like PCSO Neal play in ensuring public safety and providing essential assistance when needed.

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