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Vote counting starts at London’s busiest count centre

Counting has started for the London mayoral election. At the busiest count centre – the ExCel exhibition centre in the Docklands – five London Assembly constituencies are being counted.

The mayoral result is expected at some stage this afternoon, but could take until Sunday morning.

Natasha Irons, Labour parliamentary candidate for Croydon East, said: “It’s too soon to tell. The last time we had this set of elections, we won by five per cent, so it was always going to close.”

Asked whether there was a realistic chance of Labour coming first in the Croydon and Sutton assembly constituency – which last time voted for Tory Shaun Bailey – she said: “I think there’s a realistic chance of us having a real battle on our hands – it’s always been a battle, particularly in outer London – where people have their own challenges and concerns.”

She added that she was not particularly worried by the turnout figures released on Friday evening, which showed turnout down in traditionally Labour areas, and up in some Conservative-dominated boroughs.

“I think we ran a good ground campaign. Hopefully we got our vote out, and we’ll see what happens,” she said.

Green London Assembly candidate Joe Hudson-Small said: “We’re feeling pretty confident, we’re hoping for a strong third – just like last time, in City and East [constituency] and across London.

“We’ve been doing really well all across the local elections in England – in fact it might be one of our best elections ever.”

He said that the decline in turnout in inner city parts of the capital was potentially due to a “combination of people upset by the change of voting system, that’s been imposed by the Conservatives, and people feeling like their vote isn’t going to matter, and also [they] feel like the major parties aren’t speaking to people’s priorities”.