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Northwick Park Hospital worker still comes to work after 50 years

Sheila Harris, a 76-year-old ultrasonographer, has now surpassed 50 years of dedicated service at Northwick Park Hospital.

Working part-time, she continues to provide crucial prenatal care, monitoring the health of expectant mothers and their unborn babies.

Sheila, who performs up to 15 ultrasounds per day, originally moved from Trinidad to the UK in 1969, transitioning from a teaching career to healthcare.

After her arrival, she trained as a radiographer and later acquired specialized skills in ultrasonography in the early 1980s.

Harris now plays a pivotal role in the maternity unit, where she assesses pregnancy health and identifies potential birth complications.

Her invaluable expertise supports the early detection of issues, particularly in pregnancies complicated by conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

Harris’s enduring commitment reflects her vital contribution to generations of families, ensuring their newest members have a healthy start in life.

Shela said: “I have scanned several twins and triplets which is always a surprise for parents and it’s always nice to be able to reassure mothers everything is OK.

“We sometimes do have problematic cases which are then referred to the Fetal Medicine Unit at the hospital for further investigation.

“I guess I should retire one day but it keeps me busy and I still enjoy the work. Anyway, it is a good excuse for me not getting to grips with the garden.”