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A look at car key thefts in Harrow known as ‘Millennium Burglaries’

As with other boroughs, Harrow does have its criminal element – although rates are, thankfully, fairly low. Today, we’re looking at the worrying new trend of the so-called Millennium Burglary.

The Millennium Burglary is a term that some police units have given to burglars who break into people’s homes for the sole purpose of stealing their car keys. Unfortunately, this is often made easy for the criminals due to the fact that many residents are creatures of habit who tend to keep their car keys close to their front door.

In 2023, it was reported that a staggering 99% of burglaries are down to this heinous act. Millennium burglars will often scout out an area looking for homes with cars in the driveway – and front doors with windows which allow them to see if car keys are within sight.

Harrow has seen a steady rise in burglaries over the last five years or so – a crime which can often make residents feel distressed and unsafe in their own homes. Car theft crimes in Harrow are also on the rise and there’s little doubt that there’s a correlation between the two.

A look at car key thefts in Harrow known as 'Millennium Burglaries' Harrow Online
Don’t be victim of crime in Harrow. Credit: Unsplash

In May 2023, police issued a warning to Harrow residents after a number of expensive vehicles were stolen through millennium burglaries.

Thankfully, these burglaries in Harrow are still relatively rare compared to some other London boroughs – and you can help to keep your home and car safe by:

  • Installing a security light by your front door
  • Installing an intruder alarm (even a fake one serves as a deterrent)
  • Don’t keep car keys in a bowl or on a hook by the front door – particularly if your front door has glass insets
  • Always report any suspicious activity in your street

Becoming a victim of crime is distressing and expensive and Harrow police are determined to stamp out crimes like millennium burglaries.

We can all help by making sure that our homes and vehicles are as secure as possible – and by reporting any crimes or suspicious behaviour.