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Harrow Town Centre harpist accused of ‘begging’ in viral video

A harpist busking in Harrow Town Centre faced a heated encounter when a woman wrongly accused her of ‘begging’.

The street performer, Robyn, known on Instagram and TikTok as @Robyn.hearts.harp, was repeatedly questioned about her permission to play on the streets before the woman threatened to report her to Harrow Council.

The footage has now been viewed on social media by over 1.4m people.

In the video, the harpist remarkably keeps her cool for the entire time responding to the woman’s tirade while continuing to play George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper’.

The unseen woman accuses her of illegally begging, saying: “I’ve never seen a beggar or anyone begging asking people to put it on their card.”

Robyn says  – “I’m not begging”, the woman then asks, “what are you doing then?” to which she simply replies, “playing music”.

Harrow Town Centre harpist accused of 'begging' in viral video Harrow Online
Robyn playing in Harrow Town Centre. Image: robyn.hearts.harp via TikTok and Instagram.

The video has got a lot of people talking on the socials. One viewer commented, “I must have watched it 20 times over the past day and it just gets better. That look to camera just before the arrest line is genius.”

Another said, “If the heckler wouldn’t heckle, we could all hear the music of a gifted harpist. It’s really difficult to play the harp. I’m sure the heckler was only jealous.”

A supporter of Robyn added, “This is an excellent example of people being triggered by others who know their worth and aren’t afraid to charge for it.”

Speaking to Harrow Online, Robyn shared a little more about her story, “I’ve been playing harp and busking for five and a half years now! But I’ve been playing music since I was eight years old with my first instrument being the bass!

“I moved to London to study bass in university and in my second year I picked up my harp and tried to earn a little bit of money to help me get by.

“In the end, I just absolutely fell in love with busking and playing harp and decided to make it my full-time job! I’m inspired by video game and anime music but will also throw in a cheesy pop song sometimes as well.”

The video is now live on the Harrow Online Facebook page.

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