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Vaughan Primary School in West Harrow rated ‘Outstanding’ in Ofsted report

Vaughan Primary School in West Harrow has received an ‘Outstanding’ rating in its recent Ofsted inspection in March.

The report praised the school’s ethos, stating, “The ethos at Vaughan, to prepare pupils for a happy future, is realised as soon as you enter. Pupils are rightly proud of their school and their behaviour is exemplary.”

The inspectors were impressed by the school’s ability to maintain a secure and supportive atmosphere, emphasising that “relationships are strong and respectful. Pupils trust adults to help and to listen to them.”

A highlight was the school’s ambition for all its students, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). The inspectors noted, “The curriculum is broad and ambitious and, in most subjects, well-designed. This supports pupils to deepen their knowledge and typically prepares them well for the next stage of their education.”

Pupils at Vaughan Primary are encouraged to take on additional responsibilities. The report stated, “Pupils are keen to take on additional responsibilities, such as members of the school council or playground monitors.

“They take these responsibilities seriously because they know that their ideas are listened to.”

Reading is a cornerstone of the school’s curriculum, with a strong emphasis on fostering a love of reading from an early age. “Pupils enjoy reading and being read to. This is because a love of reading is promoted across the school,” the report highlighted.

The school’s phonics program was particularly praised for its consistency and effectiveness in supporting pupils to read with growing accuracy and confidence.

The curriculum at Vaughan Primary is aligned with national expectations, designed to build pupils’ knowledge incrementally.

The inspectors noted, “In most subjects, the knowledge that pupils are expected to learn is clearly identified and logically sequenced.”

Vaughan Primary School in West Harrow rated ‘Outstanding’ in Ofsted report Harrow Online

Support for pupils with SEND was another area of commendation. The report said that “pupils with SEND are accurately identified and well supported,” benefiting from regular training, support, and advice from external agencies.

Behaviour and attendance at Vaughan Primary are exemplary. “Behaviour is highly positive, both in lessons and outside in the playground. Classrooms are calm, orderly, and purposeful learning environments,” the report noted.

The school’s leadership was praised for its commitment to personal development and staff well-being. “Staff are overwhelmingly positive about the support they get to manage their workload. They feel their well-being is a priority for leaders,” the report said.

This supportive environment extends to new staff and subject leaders, who are given ample opportunities for professional development.

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