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10-year-old from Pinner to introduce ‘eco-friendly slime’ at school summer fair

Anisa Ali, a 10-year-old Year 5 student at Reddiford School in Pinner, is set to impress at this year’s Summer Fair with her innovative and eco-friendly slime stall.

Anisa has developed a non-toxic and eco-friendly slime recipe, which she will showcase to promote sustainable play among her peers.

Her journey began with a simple idea: to create a fun yet environmentally responsible activity for the fair. Over the past few months, she has carefully tested and refined various slime formulations, ensuring that each ingredient is safe for children and kind to the planet.

Her dedication to research and experimentation has resulted in a product that is both entertaining and eco-conscious.

“I wanted to make something fun that wouldn’t harm the environment,” said Anisa. “It’s important for children to know that we can have fun and still make good choices for our planet.”

10-year-old from Pinner to introduce 'eco-friendly slime' at school summer fair Harrow Online

In addition to her slime creations, Anisa has incorporated modern technology to further her cause. Visitors to her stall will find a QR code that links to a website filled with eco-friendly tips and slime recipes. This resource aims to educate and inspire other children to consider the environmental impact of their hobbies and activities.

Anisa’s eco-friendly slime stall is not just about fun and games; it also has a philanthropic purpose. All proceeds from the stall will be donated to the school, supporting various educational initiatives and projects. Anisa hopes her efforts will encourage other students to come forward with their own environmentally friendly ideas.

“Reddiford School is very proud of Anisa as her initiative shows not just great entrepreneurial ability but a genuine desire to care for the environment.” said Mrs Batt, Head Teacher at Reddiford School in Pinner.

The school Summer Fair will take place on Friday 5th July from 5pm, and Anisa’s stall promises to be one the of the highlights.