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Do we need cool hubs in Harrow this summer?

There’s little doubt that our weather is changing and, in fact, in 2022, record temperatures were recorded in the UK when parts of London exceeded 40 degrees. During the past winter, warm hubs were available in our borough to help the vulnerable so, do we now need cool hubs in Harrow this summer ?

While hotter summers might seem like a good thing for many, it’s not always good news. During the record breaking temperatures of 2022, 2,985 heat related deaths were recorded in the UK – a significant number of which were elderly and vulnerable people.

It’s thought that this was caused partly by the fact that many UK residents were unable to afford air conditioners or fans – or the energy bills that go with them.

Although we may not reach the unprecedented temperatures of 2022 this year, we will almost certainly have some sweltering days and weeks which may put vulnerable people at risk – particularly at a time when energy bills remain high.

One answer might be to provide cool hubs in the same way that Harrow protected its residents with warm hubs during the winter. During the colder months of 2023 / 2024, warm hubs were available in a number of places in Harrow including Harrow Baptist Church, the Aspire Leisure Centre in Stanmore and the Beacon Community Centre in Rayners Lane – hubs which provided a respite from the cold along with an opportunity to socialise, and these hubs almost certainly saved lives.

Similar facilities would undoubtedly provide much needed respite for the vulnerable if we experience unusually hot weather again this summer.

It seems that hotter summers are here to stay and we should never underestimate the dangers of extreme heat. Use a fan if you’re able to and be sure to drink plenty of water. You can also keep your home a little cooler by keeping windows and curtains closed during the hotter hours of the day.

If you have concerns about your health or that of somebody else during hot weather, you should contact your local council to see what assistance is available.