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Woman from Harrow wins BAFTA award

Harrow Online recently shared the story of Rochelle Newman, a woman from Harrow who launched a crowdfunding campaign to support her natural hair and scalp care brand, New Shell.

Following this, Rochelle achieved a huge accolade by winning a BAFTA award for her involvement as a Producer for ‘White Nanny, Black Child’, a documentary about a group of adults who find comfort in sharing their experiences of growing up as children of Black Nigerian immigrants fostered by white British families.

The documentary was nominated for the ‘Specialist Factual’ category which it won at the ceremony held on May 12.

Harrow Online had the privilege of speaking with Rochelle to discuss her remarkable achievement and the journey leading up to it.

Congratulations on your BAFTA win! What inspired you to produce “White Nanny, Black Child” and how did you get involved?

“I previously worked with director Andy Mundy-Castle on “Handle with Care,” a deeply personal film about the life of acclaimed actor and presenter Jimmy Akingbola and his experience growing up in the care system in England. I also reported on and production managed on a similar story with British actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

“These experiences provided me with significant knowledge and insight into private fostering in the UK, particularly within the Nigerian community.

“Additionally, my strong belief in the power of retreats and meditation fueled my passion for helping bring Andy’s vision for the film to life.”

Woman from Harrow wins BAFTA award Harrow Online
White Nanny, Black Child won the Specialist Factual category. Rochelle is pictured centre. Photo by Kate Green/BAFTA/Getty Images for BAFTA.

The documentary covers a significant part of British history. What were the biggest challenges in bringing these stories to the screen?

“As the producer, the biggest challenge for me was finding a variety of compelling stories that would bring different aspects of each person’s life to the screen. It was crucial to ensure that each contributor was well looked after, understood what it meant to be involved in a feature film like this, and was treated with the utmost respect and care.”

What impact do you hope “White Nanny, Black Child” will have on audiences regarding cultural identity and integration?

“I hope that audiences understand the importance of this untold part of British history. “White Nanny, Black Child” has started many conversations about cultural identity and integration, emphasising the need for love, kindness, and mutual understanding. It highlights the importance of listening, providing platforms for storytelling, and connecting with each other.”

How do you plan to leverage your BAFTA recognition in future projects, and what themes are you interested in exploring next?

“I plan to leverage my BAFTA recognition by continuing to inspire people through great storytelling. I intend to create more documentaries within the health and wellness space, both in front of and behind the camera, to encourage people to take better care of their bodies, minds, and souls—an area that deeply resonates with me and connects with my holistic hair and scalp care brand, New Shell.

“Additionally, I aim to raise awareness of other important topics under my own production company, collaborating with talented individuals and mentors along the way.”

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